Oh, if only the web were my personal closet and I could put outfits together like Cher in the opening scene of Clueless the world would be a better place. I'd be rocking each of these outfits respectively over the weekend. I know colour blocked brights, bold stripes, and mashed up prints are all the rage these days - but you know, sometimes a healthy dose of monochromatic dressing feels like what the doctor has ordered. And by doctor I mean his wife (and by doctor I mean the dubious sort that Ross is in Friends*)...

Anyway, so basically I got seriously sucked into the Weekday website recently after spotting this achingly cool cougar t-shirt (hello, Givenchy AW11 anyone?). They've got loads of simple basics, which I love, and very sweet accessories that are pretty reasonably priced. I like a pair of sunglasses I can snag for under a 50... that way I don't have to feel too guilty if I accidentally sit on them. Yumyum.

Hope everyone has a good weekend! x

Featured: Outfit one - Carolina Solid Tee White, Camille Shorts Sheer BlackGemini sunglasses, Armour ring, Hexagon Necklace in purple Zara Plain Basket Shopper and Crossover Sandal. Outfit two - Boy Tee Panther t-shirt, Telekinesis sunglasses, Proenza Schouler PSI small leather bag and Zara Quilted Identity Sandal with Buckle.

*yes, I still draw reference uncontrollably to a show that went off the air over seven years ago