Mission Statement

Dear World,
We all have our 'things'. You know, the slightly annoying attributes that we all try to convince our selves are actually cute and quirky faults that make us unique and all the more lovable. Well, I have concluded that one of my such things is that I can not help but scrutinize the world around me. I wouldn't call it judging, because it's not meant to be negative or hurtful, but constructive.
For example:
'Look at that woman with the horrible looking bum... doesn't she realize a bigger size pair of jeans would have helped her avoid that nasty wedgie?'
See, it may be slightly critical but the overall goal is altruistic. The realization of my such aformentioned 'thing' has led me to start this blog. It's not all about critiquing the world around me. It will also contain lots of tidbits about my life. I hope you all enjoy it.