Mis-matched and a little miserable...

The Verdict
Really? Really?
Guys, come on now. I feel like we need to go over some ground rules for ugg boots. Let me start by saying that I have them too - so I am not vehemently opposed to them. I love mine.
But, if its warm enough to have bare legs, then you don't need to wear ugg boots. Got it? Okay, enough now - I don't want to see this sin happening again.
Second, seriously what is up with that skirt? It looks like somebody took a bunch of napkins and sewed them together in some sort of ragged fashion.
And, lets top if off with a white fleece zip up... yah, because that will bring the look together.
I really just see three options here:
1. Keep the fleece and stay at home on your sofa (if you have swine flu).
2. Keep the skirt but put on a fitted jumper/roll neck tucked in with some black tights and heels. That skirt is way too full for flats... you need some height, love. Alright, and you've got tiny little pins poking out there so lets make the most of them.
3. Keep the boots but tone down the rest of the outfit - like jeans and a jumper. I get wearing ugg boots as a transitional item (ie. from the bus to your work) - but honestly, if you are lugging around a whole other outfit (in this case a top/shoes) in your manky M&S black bag then its time to step it up... because this really isn't acceptable. How would she feel if she ran into her ex right about now?
As a side note - how dreary is this photo? It's all grey. And the poor thing is walking with her head down (maybe in search of pennies, i get it, it's the recession after all). But honestly, we should all take a bit more pride in ourselves and walk with our heads held high... I've been inspired by the new Joan Collins show about glamour (as cheesy as it may be) - we've got to up the antE ladies.