men's trends...

i'm a bit curious about men's trends... do they slowly creep behind popular women's wear until some guys, who like a look enough, get up the guts to try it out for themselves? i am not entirely sure if in general that is how it works - but i do think that is how it worked with the snood.
maybe it's just that us girls tend to be way more runway conscious and hop to the new things by the bucket load whereas men are more reticent to, say... stick a strange knitted loop around their neck?
the snood has been back on the scene for a few years though and it is only recently that i've started to see guys wearing them. personally i love them and i think they are great for guys too.
i am also eternally perplexed by what any of us wore before the ultimate return of the check shirt...? i think i would be a little lost without mine... and i know that most of the men in my life would be as well.
so, it sort of seems like some of the things that guys are loving these days (snoods, check shirts, fingerless gloves etc) are the very same things i am loving... probably minus the floral dresses!

but, all this to say - this is rich and i love his look.
any thoughts on men's trends or do you prefer to stick to what the girls are wearing?