LFW Outfit: Day 4

It would be one thing if I had a private car to drop me at the door of every show... I'd wear heels all the time and be fabulous every day. I'd never have a hair out of place. But, the truth is fashion week isn't that easy. You're standing all day, waiting in lines, running after people to shoot and squatting to get the right angle. I'm not complaining - just explaining why my outfits are progressively getting more casual.Wore these maroon Zara trousers that I snatched up for 25 quid. Totally love them. Only got home to find they've split at the side. Umm, Zara?! Get your shizz together. They aren't even too tight (I promise). Have had a lazy morning, need to get myself together and out of the house. It's Meadham Kirchoff and Aminaka Wilmont today and the last day for womenswear.

Wearing: Iro leather vest (My Wardrobe), Zara trousers, Converse, Robinson Pelham jupiter bracelets, LiLiFi leopard clutch, and YSL arty ring.