LFW Day 1 - Take2

In true ironic fashion my blog has decided to go a bit haywire. It happened last night at 2am when I was trying to get my photos uploaded from yesterday. The gallery feature has decided to stop working. So, instead of uploading a gazillion big images I've decided to try something a little different - the catwalk collage. Consider this a little test run. These are the remaining catwalk images from Day 1 that didn't make it up last night. Gave up fighting wordpress at about 2:30am and had to admit defeat.

Corrie Nielsen

Gravity was defied at Corrie Nielsen. Her sculptural cocoon like silhouettes strictly embraced each model, creating an Edwardian-cum-Asian feast for the eyes. Incredibly beautiful and so captivating.

Bora Aksu Bora Aksu was beautiful. Collection started with a tribe of models lined up in a row that marched down the catwalk in unison - such a strong impact. I wasn't expecting to love the designs as much as I did. They couple vulnerability with an eerie darkness and look cobweb in nature - almost like they'd fall to pieces if too strong of a wind hit them. Definitely one of my favourite shows of the day.

Please note: unless otherwise stated, all images are my own. If you use them please credit accordingly.