Let's help blair...

Blair has declared that she is seriously lacking a fashion sense and wants help making these outfits more chic.
Blair, here are my recommendations for you...

Outfit #1.
First of all Blair, ankle straps on shoes are a general no-no. They aren't flattering. It makes your leg look short, ok? Only wear them with trousers. Also, pointy toed shoes look pretty formal - like office formal... a rounded toe would work better with that outfit. The skirt is a decent shape on you (I feel like you could probably do better... but it's not bad). Also, you picked some nice colours - that sea green is working. But, it is pulling a little bit at the buttons and the white shirt sticking out the bottom looks pretty messy. I am going to assume the white shirt fits you well (meaning it doesn't pull at the buttons and gape when you move) so tuck it in and unbutton the cardigan. On closer inspection... I am unsure about the white shirt... I hope it doesn't have any obnoxious details... like a frill around the neck or some sort of light pattern on it? If it does... I don't like it at all. It needs to be a classic white shirt. (The key is to dress appropriately for the occasion... are you going to work? church? a kids birthday? I am confused... and that is really the first question you need to address when getting dressed). Also, get rid of that headband. It's cute, and I like it. But, you need to wear it with a sassy little black/red party dress - it doesn't work with that outfit. Put on some stud earings and a little charm necklace that hangs on a short chain.
Outfit #2.
That necklace looks like a dog collar and totally makes you look like you have no neck/chin. Take it off. I'm not sure about that cardigan... peasant bell shaped sleeves: generally pretty drab (especially when in knitwear and white... and worn with black suiting trousers). But I think there is some hope. Unbutton it and put a brighter colour tank top underneath with a nice scoop neck. I think that would help... but generally that cardigan isn't great - that shape scoop neck isn't entirely flattering - it's kind of awkward. Actually, the more I look at it the worse I think it is. On a positive note, the trousers are a nice shape on you - and I like the little leopard print pointy shoe poking out. That is pretty funky and looks cool. But the white cardigan just doesn't live up to the chicness of your bottom half. I think the central problem is that you need to get pieces that work for the right occasion... the top looks casual - maybe it would work over a little dress at the park in the summer - but it doesn't look very professional. Also, you really should pay attention to the fabric composition. Just from the photo it sort of looks like a cotton blend... something with a little silk will hang smoother and be generally more flattering. That is getting complicated though. For now, most importantly get rid of the necklace and open up that cardigan and put a little top underneath.

Outfit #3.

Lets start with the positives: you can pull off orange and the jeans are a nice shape on you. But, again... you look confused. You look casual from the ankles up and the pointy heels just really do not work. Let's be honest though - chunky knit sweaters should never have short sleeves... and to top it off it's pumpkin orange with a big fat roll neck. Oh Blair... why on earth did you buy that? Maybe on Thanksgiving or on Halloween (which is really the only time black and that shade of orange are acceptable)... but as a general rule - no. Ok, so the simplist solution is to take off that orange sweater. The jeans look good on you and I think just a simple black sweater with a scoop neck would be really nice and look totally chic and very put together. The head band is a little childish... I mean it's okaaay.... but personally I think you would look better without it. If you must keep the orange monstrosity wear it with darker straight jeans and maybe a long sleeve t-shirt that isn't black (like taupe maybe) and some more casual shoes, but that isn't really professional. Just a side note... tops that end at your widest point (straight across your hips) should generally be avoided - especially when in a bright colour like orange.

Outfit #4.

My favourite.

The blue is a great colour on you and the shape is very flattering. Simple and flattering... I think that is a rule to stick to. I would definitely swap the big earings for a long necklace - either a funky chunky one (maybe out of wooden beads) or a long chain with a pendant. Patterned tights are really in style at the minute - so also well done. Are those boots made out of a sort of stretchy fabric? If so, that is seriously ageing and should be avoided. I like that you've paired the dress with boots... but I am not entirely sure those are the best boots. Also, I think it might be nice to put on a dark grey cardigan that falls to about where your fingers are. That would add a bit of depth and interest to your sillhouette.

Blair, this is the challenge. Re-create the outfits according to the recommendations (as best as you can) and re-take the photos... I would be interested to see/hear what you think.

Anyone else have any ideas or suggestions for Blair?

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