Last week I had the absolute pleasure of meeting up with In Detail to shoot a little story and talk jewelry. It was so fun as I went with Louisa who has the most outrageous collection of jewelry. Beanie, the creator of the site is such a total babe. She was so sleek and sophisticated with her tight pulled back ponytail and multiple ear cuffs. Harry, who shoots for the site (and designed it?!) is amazing too. We'd been e-mailing about making some changes to the layout of my blog (I'm USELESS when it comes to html) so it was awesome to finally meet in real life and discover they are as incredible as I'd hoped they would be. Plus, I discovered how amazing eggs royale are. I'm now obsessed.

How awesome is Louisa's pink Judy Blame safety pin necklace? I expected it to be crazy heavy but it's actually light as a feather. Yummy.

The full feature is now up on In Detail - featuring a short interview and lots of photos.

Massive thank you to Beanie and Harry for featuring me on the site! xx

Wearing: Paul & Joe sister jacket, Dagmar knit, Muriee scarf.