Keep the light on when getting dressed...

The Verdict
We all know asians can be super stylish and cool, even if I don't always get what they are going for (they can wear some weird stuff). But even if I'm culturally retarded it can work and I'm impressed.

However, this man here has got it all wrong: matching orange nylon sports top (what is it even supposed to be... in no way is it stylish or even practical, unless his goal is to get really sweaty) with orange floral board shorts, is a delta force assault on the eyes. It is then topped off with a straw hat which is too small and some leather sandals.

It screams tourist... which he probably is. But just because you are on holiday does not mean you have to dig out all items of clothing you haven't worn in the past ten years and select your outfit at random while standing in a dark room.

The shoes would be okay with another outfit, perhaps some light coloured kahki tousers and just a plain t-shirt.
The hat might be okay if chosen with a checked shirt... maybe go for a cowboy theme? Everyone likes a cowboy, right? Or perhaps also with the aforementioned khakis and t-shirt.

The shorts would be great if you were going swimming... in hawaii... and it was dark.

And finally... there is no redemption for the shirt unless you had to wear it for some sporting event because that is what your team wears. But I would hide it as soon as I got home.

p.s. this is the first reader submission.