Just cut it off...

I've never been one to readily embrace change so when I walked into Taylor Taylor a couple of weeks ago my grandiose plans to chop it all off quickly turned rather sheepish. I whipped out a photo of Jayne and said, 'like this' - only to then backtrack and reveal my uncertainty over cutting off the hair I'd spent the last two years growing out. Cue ten minutes of deliberation, during which both the hair stylist and colorist talked me through my hair type plus the pros and cons of going shorter. In the end I shoved my face into my hands and garbled an incoherent 'just do it.'

A couple hours later I emerged a blonder perkier version of my past self. Introduced to the wonders of a round brush and hair products (hello mousse) I'm never looking back. In fact, I'm already making mental plans to go back so that I can go even shorter.

Massive thank you to Taylor Taylor for the most wonderful cut and colour. There's nothing more upsetting than leaving a hair appointment feeling that you didn't receive what you asked for and the amount of time they spent, before even getting started, ensured that didn't happen. I couldn't recommend the place enough. Also, huge thank you to Kit, who trekked across London to keep me company and take these photos. Thank you, Kit.

Wearing: DAGMAR Flisa silk chiffon top, 7 for all Mankind skinny jeansTopshop ambush boots and SAMBAG tote.