Just call me lashes.

A bit up-close-and-personal, eh? Today I underwent a transformation of extraordinary sorts: fake lashes. No, not the type you see by the check out in the supermarket that cost 2 quid or the horrendous oversized ones that Katie Price often sports... these, my friends, are lady lashes (and I swear a car nearly swerved off the road when they spotted me strutting down the street after having them applied). As you all know I'm not a beauty whizz so the appeal of going sans mascara for six weeks was extremely alluring and drove me over to Brick Lane where I underwent my treatment at the Lash Lab. An hour after arriving, all was finished, and as I slowly opened my eyes was greeted with lots of 'oohhhhs' and 'ahhhhs'... followed by 'I want some!'. A perfect success. My eyelids aren't heavy or agitated and they feel totally natural. They look pretty natural too and, if I hadn't blown the secret here, I could have probably kept some people guessing what the secret of my luscious lashes is for quite some time.

Thank you Kym for having me down for this complimentary treatment. Apparently I was her most difficult client to date, my eyes have a horrendous tendency to flicker when I close them... no matter how many calming thoughts I think! Thanks for sticking out the hour of eye flutters! I have nothing but positive things to say about the experience. Also, thanks to Kit and Shini for keeping me entertained while I lied like a corpse and for the lovely photos.

The Lash Lab is located at 216 Brick Lane and is by appointment only.