Just a little leopard.

Leopard print is normally so not my thing. But, in small doses I can definitely handle it. Like on ballet flats for example or on a clutch bag (speaking of which I have some freaking naughty leopard makeup bags to show you soon). Or, you know, as a small detail on an otherwise simple cream coat. Felt like I was channeling my inner diva in this little number. Why is it that animal print instantly makes me want to hop in a stretch limo and smoke a long cigarette... I blame 101 Dalmatians and my childlike urge to be Cruella - minus the animal cruelty and nasty attitude, of course.

Anyway, apologies for the single picture. I took a bunch more but the lighting was just so dark (curse you England and your 3pm sunset) that they all look a bit harsh. Thankfully Kit managed to snap this little behind the scenes shot of me and Shini... and bizarrely this turned out to be my favourite one.

p.s. the winner of the DKNY giveaway is Jodie Lancaster! Congratulations. x

Wearing: Vivetta CrisCris coat, Seven for all Mankind skinny jeans and SAMBAG tote.