i've been crusaded!

friday evenings in central london are magical. all the hoards of people who have been cooped up all week in their offices pour out onto the streets and transform the sidewalks into little hubs of what will surely turn into great parties. while walking from covent garden to marble arch i spotted this girl sitting in a little alcove of a building. she was so striking because, while her friends were all standing nearby drinking and chatting, she was sitting all alone on these little rocks with her eyes peering out from under a perfectly sharp bright blond fringe. i rushed over to her, silently handed her a card and started shooting, she was on the phone you know - so i didn't want to be rude and interrupt... when she suddently jumped up onto her feet and yelled 'I've been crusaded!' then she shot her arms up over her head and did a little victory dance. i can honestly say - that made my day.

her friends were laughing and pointing at her 'worn out shoes'.

Fierce accessories.