it's like mexico!!

glorious weather once again swept across britain today. the english don't know how to deal with it. one of my friends (ahem... alex) kept randomly shouting 'it's like mexico!'... apparently mexico is the only other place that gets sunshine? actually, we were eating delicious burritos in the park - that probably added to the mexican vibe. ok, so here i am, in all my stripe-y glory outside the library (with absolutely no intention of going in) today. tomorrow swimming in the river is on the cards. don't worry though, you wont spot me here in a bikini - it is surely too early for me to be dipping my body into any English water source. Wearing: Rare embellished shoulder jacket, Urban Outfitters bright blue vest, True Religion jean shorts, Cabbages & Roses white plimsoles, Michael Kors brown leather belt.
p.s. first giveaway being announced tomorrow in celebration of a special event... watch this space.