'it's like a circus in there...'

what they wore and what i saw in the first 10 minutes of stepping into somerset house on day 5 of LFW... clashing prints, brocade, plaid, red socks, pops of white, dual-toned print bags.

beauty trends: liquifed stark black brows, sharp and wide fringes, top buns, studded head bands (for boys).

double decker plaid, grandpa's cardi, white shirts buttoned up to the collar & the return of the jean jacket.
drastic juxtapositions of style - the light versus the dark side: ethereal in pink and purple paisley maxi dress, bright yellow socks, silvery blonde hair, fur neck warmer or avant garde in geometric black head gear, layers of black fabric, frills, pointed shoulders.
which are you? the angel or the demon?

jill photographs my partner in crime and fellow style crusader emerald while wearing a double whammy of leopard print. enough fur on site to drive peta off the deep end...

the 'personalities' of fashion week. both of these men are totally off the wall and visually are such a contrast to one another - although their out of this world fabulousness brings them together. who they are, what they do: that i don't know... but they sure get followed around by photographers! a bit like animals in a circus perhaps?
as always, if you recognize/know anyone in these photos please let me know who they are.