it wouldn't be london without a little...

yep, that's right - rain. what else my dears? this is england after all. snow challenged people's style in new york and the rain posed a challenge in london. luckily i could take cover under the big black umbrellas at somerset house and cozy up next to a heat lamp with a latte. it came pouring down by the bucket loads on tuesday afternoon. it wasn't pleasant but everyone still managed to look immaculately turned out... a little water couldn't slow this group down.

geometric shapes paired with waffle knit chunky cardigan and scarf.
standing out from the crowd.

keeping it cheerful with florals and bright colours.

a juxtaposition of worlds.

kid-like umbrellas and big furs.

so many great looks going on here... i especially love the girls outfit in the middle - there is something incredibly fresh and modern about long straight skirts.

hooded and on the move.

trying to keep up.