it matters.

Someone recently posed the question, 'Does new minimalism matter?' In the great scheme of things probably not. But, when it comes to picking out what I want to wear in the morning and how I, more broadly, view the world it most certainly does. There has been a peeling back of outlandish labels and fussy details as of late. We can clearly blame the recession for this changing tide, but this is one positive that has come out of the bankers greedy shenanigans. Oh, how I loathe the thought of a dangling 'J' from a Juicy Tracksuit or a padlock swinging from a Chloe Paddington - details I embarrassingly coveted in the early noughties. Much rather would I have a Celine forever-bag or a label-less pair of cashmere sweats. Luxury that transcends trends and hovers above what's 'in'... that's what I want and that, my friends, is new minimalism in a nutshell.