'...in the style of Isabel Marant.'

There we were, in the mock-shop, scampering for items to use in the style challenge. The goal? To take one key piece from Next's Spring/Summer collection and, well, style it. I was given this white oversized blazer which, on first inspection, I thought was going to be a piece of cake. Five outfit changes later and we've got a near tantrum on our hands as everybody else has finished, the rails were cleared of all pieces, and there I was... walking around with just ginormous floral palazzo pants and a white blazer on. I was considering hiding under the piles of discarded clothing that laid all over the place when I spotted, like a little diamond in the rough, a pair of black leather trousers. Scrunched up on the floor of the dressing room, I pulled them out, and desperately wiggled my way in. I had walked by them about 20 times but never thought they would go, thus proving first instincts are not always right.

Now, I'm trying to get hold of a pair to wear in real life. They aren't being sold online but apparently are already out in stores. The shoes also need to find their way into my life. I had them on for about an hour and completely forgot I had heels on. So comfortable, which I think is a small feat of genius - partly because reasonably priced heels often tend to be heinously uncomfy and partly because I am about as coordinated in heels as Bambi when he took his first step.

Wearing: White Linen Jacket, khaki top, leather trousers, Two Part Knot Sandals in pink, and Boxy top handle bag - all Next. Bracelets from Cos and borrowed from Shini. Pictures courtesy of Shini, Kit and Charley May.

p.s. the Blog Shop is officially now open. I'm going to be uploading more items over the course of today and this coming week. It is just a little experiment and will only be running until next Sunday. Find your way to the shop here or at the top on the far right page.