in review... laid back or grown-up chic?

there are definitely different types of people at fashion week, different levels of extremes and outlandish behaviour. at one extreme are those who where inappropriate female body parts as headwear and barbie dolls as shoulder pads while at the other are the clueless pedestrians who have inadvertently stumbled into fashion week without realizing it. those who rock the latest 'it' accessories (hello alexa bag) versus those who just lug around a cloth carrier bag. sky high heels versus trainers. elaborate looks versus jeans and a t-shirt. they come in all shapes, sizes and varieties. of course, we wouldn't want it any other way either... that's what makes it interesting and all the more fun.
i noticed these two girls who both looked very normal and down to earth. they weren't trying to stand out and get their photo taken. not sure what they were doing, maybe the one above is a model? i'm not really sure, i didn't ask. but their style sort of represents for me, in review, the two competing ways that the relatively normal person can dress at fashion week. of course you can mix them together to suit yourself, but these two looks definitely stood out and were quite prevalent among the fashion pack. the girl above has a really sweet laid back style. i love the soft feminine skirt paired with the leather biker jacket. the massive red scarf adds the perfect pop of colour and the bottom studded bag gives a little nod to the wang-meister. very iconically model off duty.
a more grown up chic look with killer heels and a shaggy fur jacket. am loving her soft grey bucket bag (again, with little studs). they key to this look seems to be in the heels (the higher and more extravagant the better) and the fur (just make sure you have one). so which are you? would you pick the flats or the heels? the leather or the fur? personally, i think i'd go for a bit of both.
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