in honour of the LBD (Rare giveaway winner)...

Every girl needs a perfect little black dress. The kind that you can pull out on any occasion and know it will not only be easy to wear and look killer but make you feel like a million dollars. My go-to never fail option is this little number from Jigsaw. It's part of their suiting line and is perfect on its own or layered over long sleeved jersey in the winter. You can throw a jumper over it and voila it's a skirt. With tights or bare legs, flats, heels or boots... it's works in so many different ways. The fabric is breathable enough to be worn in the summer but warm enough for the winter. I can scrunch it up and put it in my bike basket and the creases fall straight out. While I've got lots of other dresses - some which pack a bit more va-va-voom action than this one - it remains my favourite and most trusted item in my wardrobe. I'm interested to know if you've found the perfect LBD yet. If so what makes it so great and if not what are you looking for in your iconic item?

Now, this brings us to the Rare LBD giveaway winner.... My Little Fashion File. Congratulations! I wish I had 40 dresses so I could give one to everyone that entered! Thanks for participating!

Wearing: Jigsaw black dress and cashmere cardigan, Cole Haan bag, French Sole ballet flats, and pearl earrings. My simple no-fuss try to scrub up well combination. (p.s. apologies for the blurry photo... apparently you can't trust a boy who has just graduated to get you in focus)