In flight...

Yeah, I was that awkward girl on the plane shoving my dslr up against the window to snap photos of clouds.

There were two little girls sitting in front of me on the flight over to London. They kept swapping seats to sit next to the window and were so excited - totally bewildered by what they were seeing. The youngest, who was sitting in the middle seat as we landed, couldn't stop crying on the descent. She wasn't scared, she was upset she couldn't see out the window like her sister. I couldn't blame her.

Apologies for haven fallen slightly off the face of the earth. Five days without blogging?! I think that might be my longest absence since I started... I was stuck in Zurich with no laptop charger and since my little Pro is getting old it died after 2 hours. Which left me home alone for three days with no laptop or t.v. Needless to say, I had to deal with some serious boredom issues. I did read more in those three days then I probably have in the last three years... and baked a batch of peanut butter cookies (which I ate in entirety all one my own - oops). I'm in London til Wednesday then off to NY!

p.s. I realize this isn't exactly fashion related... hope you don't mind.