in bloom...

florals are not something i have traditionally been too keen on. i am not a massive print person. plus flowers are so girly you know, and i'm not a girly girl. well, that is all behind me now. i want to be a girly girl if it means i can wear beautiful floral dresses like these by Erdem. Once again, they are gorgeous from afar but the true beauty is in the little picture...

this is just insanely gorgeous. all the intricate colours and patterns on all the fabrics tabs are so mind bogglingly beautiful... it doesn't look real. you shouldn't be able to wear it. it's just too perfect.

i love this electrifying blue with black trim. the matching shoes are so great. also that shape is perfection.

close up you can see all the intricate detailing and the water colour effect sort of fades away.

in a sea of so many colours, most of them quite sharp and bright, this dress looks a bit out of place. it is so unexpected and all the better for it. black and white is always wonderful. grey is my favourite colour to wear and i adore the way the shades blend together to create a smokey grey. it is so elegant, i would wear it forever.

the laser cut out detail is so delicate and feminine. i honestly can not imagine wearing something so beautiful. if only i had a spare couple thousand pounds sitting around...
spring 2010 has modernized florals. they don't have to be overtly girly nor do they have to channel a sort of laura ashley circa 1987 vibe either. they aren't too little girl or too old lady... they are just perfect and there are so many choices that they can suit anyones preferences and personality.
my craving for florals was inspired by ada and darcy. there are always the prettiest things shown on their blog, and after drooling over countless pots of flowers and interior design photos that featured soft colours and feminine details i was driven to go buy some flowers.
they actually made me so happy and have lasted for a couple weeks. it is so cold outside and has been raining a lot... they have brightened up the house and my mood (i even have a few sitting on the edge of my bathtub). i now want to have flowers around all the time. but i don't want to just leave them in the vase i want to incorporate them into my outfits (not literally of course). since we can't all afford the beauty of erdem i have included a few of my favourite florals from the high street.

so are you in the mood for florals or will you be leaving them in the vase for now?
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