how to: survive a rainy day in london...

(#1 Boots)
Rain is here to stay... in London at least. The season is just beginning to come upon us, and sadly it will destroy our hair, our shoes, and our choices in clothing for the months to come.
I am rubbish at dressing for the rain. It is one thing if you just have to pop down the road to the shops, but if you've got to (which I do) cycle in the rain, march around london in the rain, sit on the tube (after just coming out of) the rain... basically live your life in and out of the rain, it can get a little complicated. The simplest thing: the ability to stay dry - can turn into the most difficult and painful experience if you aren't well prepared.
So, a little how to guide... predominately based around all the things I normally forget.
#1 is boots. Boots will save your life in the rain, but the choice of which pair is so complicated. Wellies are good but, if you have to spend a lot of time inside, wearing big clunky plastic boots can be a bit of a pain. These leather boots that Meera is wearing are great. Wet jeans, wet feet, cold toes... all not an issue. Plus, they are totally cute. Grey shoes are huge at the moment and I love the worker lace up look they have. The little straps around them are so cool too, and completely remind me of this idea posted on london street style.

(#2. Appropriate clothing/accessories)
Okay, this is a hard one. The rain doesn't have to dictate entirely what you wear... but if you are freezing, soaking wet, your short skirt blowing up every which way you are going to look a little daft.
I ran into Meera while out having some cupcakes at the Primrose Bakery in Covent Garden. She is so sweet and was a little embarassed to have her photo taken but luckily complied. She is dressed perfectly for the rain... so lets take some tips from her... scarf and gloves means cozy neck and warm hands while holding the umbrella out. Toasty little jacket and jeans. No foofy bag that will get ruined or make it difficult to hold your umbrella....
(#3. Umbrella)
Which brings us to the doozy of all recommendations on how to survive the rain: don't forget your umbrella! That really is the most important thing... it is awful to be walking around with no umbrella, getting soaking wet little a total and utter twitt while everyone else around you is high and dry. Okay, so always remember your umbrella.

(#4. A backup plan)
If you do forget your umbrella make sure you have a back up plan. A leopard print scarf will work a treat in keeping your head dry.
(#5. A hood)
Always a good idea for when you have to just pop out for a minute or when you realize you accidentally left your umbrella in the pub...

(#6. A good mood)
Finally, don't let the rain get you down. No one likes a grump, and if you are going to let the rain get the better of you, you'll be miserable a lot. Keep your spirits up and look on the bright side. A flowery umbrella and a yellow coat will definitely help... and remember spring is just around the corner!