happy may day!

Oxford is a bizarre and wonderful place - hence the totally surreal happenings that take place bright and early every 1st of May. Reluctantly I dragged myself (and Mr Crusader) out of bed at 5:30am this morning and headed down to the High Street to find out what all the fuss was about. The streets were full of people - some had stayed out all night at balls while others were toting around small children and looking remarkably fresh faced. All the madness culminates in front of Magdalen college where a choir sings from the top of a tower. I wont lie to you, I could just barely make out the sound of their angelic voices radiating across the heaps of people - but regardless of that pivotal moment the whole experience of May Morning was totally perfect. The energy of hundreds of people, some who have triumphed over the night and were struggling to stand up straight, was totally electrifying. Some traditions really are worth all the hype.

Dapper Oxford gents wearing brogues, society jackets, burberry trenches, smoking cigars and drinking champagne - all before 6:30am. That is what it's all about.

Oxford High Street at 6am.

Morris dancers next to Hertford College.

Parades go through the streets with people dancing behind them.

Triumphant party-goers who managed to stay awake through the whole night! All this before 7am...