All this talk about autumn/winter dressing has almost made me forget that summer is just around the corner. SUMMER. Yeyyy. I LOVE summer. Stick me on a beach with nothing to do and no one to see and I will literally love you forever. Now, I know that this wave of summer weather hasn't hit all of you. England, your weather sucks, I'm sorry about that. But just roll with me for a minute. The weather in Zurich has been so beautiful this past week - like English high-summer weather. To celebrate, I've been transforming my balcony into a mini-office every afternoon. My 'office' equipment consists of one beach towel, my MacBook Air, a big glass of water and... oh yeah, a pair of sunglasses. My balcony is so equipped for tanning purposes that you can lie out totally naked without fear of anyone seeing - I'm not saying I do that, I'm just saying it's possible.

Anyway, let's talk about summer beauty. This is how I break it down: skin, nails, hair, eyes.

1. Skin: don't let it get dry or burnt. Simples. Carry a miniature sized bottle of sunscreen with you, it will make you really popular - especially if you hang out around really pale people that burn at the mere mention of clear skies. Mine is Boots brand. It's nothing fancy but it works. I also freaking love Banana Boat. I'm addicted to the Aloe After Sun lotion and the Aloe After Sun gel. They are the best.

2. Nails: take care of them. Remove your polish properly and use colors that will make you happy. Essie nail polish is the best I have come across. This is simply because the colors are awesome, it goes on easily, dries fast, and doesn't chip very quickly. That's all I'm looking for in my nail polish.

3. Hair: I don't know much about hair but I do know that I got this little sample bottle of UNITE 7 Seconds Leave in Conditioner last season at LFW and I've used it almost everyday since September. It's still not empty. How is that even possible? It detangles like a charm and I spray it in my hair when it's dry to give it a bit of added texture. This sounds strange but I swear it's actually the only hair product I use.

4. Eyes: cover those bad boys up. Don't buy crappy £2 glasses from Primark. You might think they look so cool for, like, 5 minutes but they don't protect your eyes, k? These white cat-eye ones are my Mykita... they're pretty snazzy, eh?

 So commences our Beauty 101 class 'Summer Edition'. Feel free to weigh in on my regime and please tell me about any incredible products that I'm missing out on. I hate buying new beauty-related-things (as they are often crap) so would much appreciate your insightful tips...

 p.s. Hope you're having a wonderful weekend! xx