happy blogger-versary-birthday...

Today it's the one year birthday of my little blog. That's right, one year ago I did my very first post: a mission statement outlining the purpose of The Style Crusader. It is no longer relevant to what goes on here though. I started with a specific purpose, to critique the outfits of people I secretly snapped on the street, but as you probably know that's not what I get up to much these days. Yep, if you go back into the spider web covered archives you'll find fingernail sized blurry images of so-called fashion victims. That went on for roughly six months and only changed after I weaseled my way into London Fashion Week in February. When I should have been a few hundred meters away, studying at the LSE, I played hooky and set myself firmly within Somerset House hoping to catch a glimmer of fashion glory. It wasn't hard to spot, the venue was oozing, and from that point on the true obsession began. So, I bring you the top moments, in no particular order, from The Style Crusader's first year...

#1: London Fashion Week: definitely the most surreal experience and I met some very good friends. If you're based near London I recommend you get your tushy over there next month and check it out.

#2. Jill: the most generous and genuinely kind woman. She was the first to link me and has become a regular fixture in my life. I'm sure you've seen it already but be sure to check out her blog: Street Style London.

#3. Meetups: getting to meet different London based bloggers has been the most fun parts about blogging. I wish I could do it more often but living in Oxford and doing my masters has seriously limited the amount of play time I have. I wont mention all the wonderful people I've met, but you know who are...

#4. Shoes at Kate Kanzier: I have never been that much of a shoe girl but somehow Kate Kanzier struck a serious cord with me and ignited a footwear obsession within my heart. The love has spread to all sorts of brands and is presently hovering above a pair of Mentor wedges.

#5. Street style: it provides such a unique insight into people and their unique style. Definitely one of my favourite sections of this blog and one that I am going to aim to do more often. Sadly, being confined to the library doesn't provide many opportunities for photographing people but, luckily, my time there will be finished in two weeks.

#6. Sweden: after my exams finished in June I headed over to Sweden for two weeks. It was the most relaxing and wonderful holiday and was topped off by the treat of having Jackie and Daniella come out for a few days.

#7. Photography: Fred's Uncle Mike was kind enough to give us his old DSLR Canon camera. It has made taking photos so much fun and I literally drag it everywhere with me.

#8. Giveaways: if you haven't run into the potential of blogger giveaways & competitions I suggest you quickly do. I enter a fair amount and somehow have won a lot: a pair of Reebok Easytone trainers & a whole set of gym clothes, two necklaces, one swimsuit, a Chanel print (pictured), The Sartorialist book, over 500 pounds worth of Alice Temperley goodies... seriously, see what I mean? Start entering giveaways.

#9. Followers: having people follow your blog is really rewarding. My mom, in the photo above, is definitely one of my most treasured followers. As well as my husband, who always takes photos for me even when it's raining and inconvenient. Everyone else that follows is highly appreciated too. Thanks for all the photos you've sent, the comments you've left and for coming back time and again.

I realize that my blog's birthday cake looks a little wonky. The icing wouldn't stick to the sides and it's a bit lopsided. It may be a bit irregular and messy in places but it tastes so unbelievably good. Cinnamon is my absolute favourite and this snickerdoodle cake is perfection.