haircut... why must you haunt me?

i am finally getting my haircut. it is going to happen on friday in covent garden at 4:30pm. i have put it off for eight months... and i can seriously attest to the fact that everyday i look at my head and think 'what is wrong with you brown scraggly mop?! get it together already, we've got places to go and people to see... and this is not acceptable!!' but it does not seem to want to... so a haircut is in order. jill from street style london was sweet enough to book us both an appointment. i'm totally excited to meet her and just hope that my pre-cut hair doesn't manage to scare her away! basically, i am seriously looking forward to friday afternoon.
last time i got my hair cut i took in a photo of alexa chung and asked to have it cut in a similar fashion. remember the 'new look' advertisement that she featured in? that was when the hair obsession first started. it just looks so naturally cool... i am sure it takes some effort. but regardless... i still like it, and i'm still falling for the whole 'it just happens to look like this when i fall out of bed in the morning' - in hope that i will be lucky enough to also have my hair look like that when i fall out of bed in the morning.

so that is it. friday puts an end to the ghost of haircuts past willing me to give in and pay the 50quid to tame the mop growing ever more wild on top of my head.
(plus, hopefully this way my husband will stop telling me i look like a 'lion'...)