good morning beautiful...

Made the feeble attempt to wake up before 10am today. Alarm has been set for 7am literally every day for the last 3 weeks but I only ever manage to drag my self out of bed at around 9:30, I think it's an attempt to put off studying for as long as possible. But this morning I did it, I managed to get up before 8am... but still am not studying? Ah well, I suppose some things can't be changed. Anyway, Jill was kind enough to send over all these shots that she took of me at the V&A last Friday. Speaking of sleep, I had only gotten about 3 hours (I really am an 8 hours-at-least kind of gal) because I was trying to get those 5,000 word essays finished. They really were the bane of my existence, as you may have noticed if you read this blog regularly. It was sunny and I was determined to get out of my topshop sweats that I have been living in during this exam period. It was time to be a girl who had a nice life spending Fridays in the sun at a museum with lovely friends rather than a frantic, hunched back, grumpy, typing maniac. Clothes really can determine my mood... if I get it wrong (too hot/too cold/too short/too long/ too scratchy/too sheer...) then it just turns in to a bit of an off day. This was nothing like that though - it was just right. Floral dresses, raybans and converse? A triple threat that should be readily accessible in every girls wardrobe this summer I do believe.

I threw in a shot of the fabulous Polka Dot in her photographer alter ego mode just for fun. You may have seen some of these same shots posted on her blog already. We tried to do a little experiment where she sent me the pictures and we were meant to put up our favourites, without the other knowing which photos we chose, and then compare our taste in which we liked best. Jill wound up getting a little rushed to put the images up though and so just picked a couple at random. You can check out her post here. Also, thanks Shini for taking the lost shot of Jill who, at the time, was shooting me.
Wearing: Jill's vintage Rayban Wayfarers (I was totally gutted because I put my sunglass case in my bag without any sunglasses in it... very annoying), Urban Outfitters dress (that I got in the day after Christmas sale in the states for like $5), Topshop socks, Converse All Stars, Alexander McQueen bag.