get in My Wardrobe...

If there's one thing that will get me out of bed in the morning it's shopping. Going to a good press day is just about the second best thing to shopping because, while you don't actually go home with anything, you leave with a head full of ideas and a wish list that stretches all the way down the street (and around the corner in the case of this press day). Luckily though your visa card stays firmly planted in your purse the whole time... so no need to worry about over spending.

Because I've been in Zurich I haven't attended a single press event this season but I magically happened to be in London today and so was lucky enough to attend the My Wardrobe preview of the Autumn/Winter collection. If I had to hand select one press event to attend it would be this one... so I was thanking my lucky stars that our dates happened to align just so.

I learnt all sorts of new and wonderful things today. 'Like what?' You might be wondering... what can anyone actually learn from a press day? Well, let me tell you...

Texture blocking is going to be massive (so items that are one part leather, one part other fabric for example...  instead of colour blocking, it's texture blocking... get it?), MQ designs have been brought back in-house and there are lots of funky things on offer like a pair of hottt plaid Scotsman-like trousers, Equipment have done a silk floor skimming shirt DRESS (i know! amaazing), and there's an entire sheer black lace DKNY shirt with white silk collar that is pretty much heaven. In other news Sam Edelman has created the most covetable leopard print bootie (might be worth getting on the waiting list from now), smoking slippers are set to get even huuuger than they already are, and Merle O'Grady has continued to produce some of the most psychedelic space aged jewelry I've seen to date.

Personal favourites included a highlighter-orange fuzzy Day Birger jumper that everyone was going mental over (editiors top pick from the event I'd have to guess - expect to see it everywhere), velvet Cuban heels, and everything 3.1 Phillip Lim. Have I mentioned how absolutely obsessed I am with Phillip Lim?! The boots in the first photo are his and I literally had to hold myself back from stuffing his entire range into my bag and running through the door screaming. Phew... that would have been embarrassing.

Luckily, instead of doing that I sipped down two cups of the most incredible coffee. I assumed it was something fancy pants but apparently it was just from Sainsburys?! I'm not sure if I really believe it though, however, I did get a master class in how to make coffee with a cafetiere (hopefully in the future I wont wind up with chunks of coffee grounds). Finally, before scooting out the door I nearly drooled on Luisa de Paula's shoe because I was so in awe of her incredible Anton Heunis necklace and electric blue combination... way to be smooth Jen.

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Big thanks to Susie for the invite - a pleasure as always to see you. x