It's really cold. Like minus 15 degrees celsius in the middle of the day cold. I'm from California. I don't know how to deal with this kind of weather. There are two options: embrace hermit mode and refuse to leave the house or channel my inner yeti. The second option involves Ugg boots and a scarf wrapped around my face so many times that I can't see or breathe. Neither are good. But, this week I have enjoyed running around my flat in shorts and a tank top, giggling at people outside slipping around on the ice.

Today I branched out and decided to venture onto my roof to take some photos. Only, after two minutes my lens had fogged up and was starting to form little ice crystals. Hence photo three. Blurry washed out nothingness, I learnt, is what my camera gives me in minus 15 degree weather.

Wearing: Jigsaw coat, Jaeger cashmere sweater (stolen from my husband), 7 for all Mankind skinny jeans, Converse and Celine bag.

Thank you Freddy for taking these. xx