favourite moments: day 5 london fashion week...

Because you know I can't resist and sleeping can always wait until later. So here are my top moments of day 5 in no particular order. Starting with the stunning Emerald getting her photo taken at Somerset House... my partner in crime had photographers snapping her constantly, and she played the part of the model perfectly. This is my favourite shot that I took of her.

(Jill from street style london, michelle, shini from park & cube, and me)

The girls I spent my afternoon with... seeking refuge from the pouring rain under the umbrellas, drinking lattes, eating crepes, trying to get people to stop and come to us so we could take their photo.

Photographing this individual. I asked if he was a designer and he said, 'No. I'm a personality.'

Realizing that you didn't have to register in advance to get a press pass, which means I didn't have to sit outside in the cold and I could get access to all the exhibitions and tents at somerset house. Chi-chiiing!

Checking out all the insanely gorgeous items in the exhibitions and meeting the designers (I annoyingly can't remember whose this was, anyone know?).

Taking in the madness that was my first runway show.
I've got plenty more on all these things to show you but I just wanted to give you the run through of my favourite moments from the day (now it's time for bed).