Fashion Week Poland

Just a little selection of some of my favourite looks from Fashion Week Poland. I wanted to grab entire outfits off models as they strutted their stuff down the catwalk. From nun-inspired headwear to billowing Lanvin-like fabrics that resembled poisonous jelly fish... no two designers were the same and each offered something entirely different from the one that came before. From the mixed reviews I had heard before attending, I was expecting a slew of creations of poor quality with little imagination.

While the designs were noticeably more simple than what you might see in London, with styling kept quite minimal and layers few, it was a refreshing change from the avant-garde looks that quite often take centre stage. The wearability of the collections was stark. This isn't fashion that should be kept to the red carpet or plastered onto Lady Gaga, these are things that real women could wear. Plus, the prices of items are insanely reasonable compared to what you'd find in other cities. After seeing these collections, I'm saving my pennies to invest in some Polish designers for Autumn.

Featuring collections by: Joanna Klimas, Zuo CorpBohoBoco, and Agata Koschmieder