fashion students...

I ran into these gentleman on Tuesday... they are totally wild, as you can see. I believe they are all students (definitely the three pictured below are) and they are clearly pushing the boundaries of fashion. I wish I knew a bit more about the guy above... his motivation for dressing this way and what his story is. Does anyone know? It is quite theatrical. Does he dress this way every day? Is it for a show... I am totally intrigued. I wish I had spent the time to ask more questions. One thing I know for sure though, is that his eyes were stunning... a really piercing blue.
update: his name is Daniel Lismore - check out his blog here.

These three chaps were really quite sweet. I only realized that the one in the middle was wearing a lace unitard after I asked to photograph them... they looked pretty intriguing even without that added quirk. The combination of the three of them is so visually stimulating. The bright red in the middle with the softer colours on either side... there are so many intricate details going on that the longer I look at it the more I notice. There are so many colours, patterns and textures going on.

A combination of florals, stripes, plaid, fur, bracelets, aztec print, glasses, hats, lace, denim, neon, studs...

If these are the fashion students, the future men of the industry, I can't wait to see what we will all be wearing in a few years time.
p.s. check out the combination of shoes going on. oh, and as always if you know anything about these guys feel free to let me know any information about them... i'm more than happy to post it here.
* update: the first photo is Daniel Lismore and the other boys are his best friends.