Fashion Week Poland

When visiting a new country for the first time everything feels fresh and vibrant in an entirely unexpected and exciting way. Poland was no exception. Despite having heard mixed reviews about Łódź and what might lie in store at Fashion Week Poland, the event and the city left nothing but a remarkably positive impact.

In a city that is bursting with creativity and enthusiasm for the future, there is an unavoidable discomfort for the uncertainty of what lies ahead for the region. Underfunded and with little recognition, both within Poland and abroad, the ambition to pursue creative outlets is under threat. The quality and sheer devotion to fashion was stark and, quite frankly, humbling. The collections were, overall, of a very high standard and were presented in a way that felt refreshingly raw yet wearable.

As the city once operated as a major textile mecca for the country, many of the buildings are deserted and feel as though they are decaying into something separate and new. Old factories are housing polished catwalks and act as a gathering ground for the cities creative kids by night. As I was told by one girl that grew up in the city, 'in Łódź even the grey is beautiful.' I couldn't agree more.

Wearing: borne by Elise Berger dress AW11 (HPR London), Lousada Heyhoe scarf, American Apparel large clutch bag, and converse. Bubbles courtesy of Fashion Week Poland. Photos by Kit.