{eugene.lin} the vanishing twin

Last week I ate chocolates while browsing the Spring 2011 Eugene.Lin collection in the designer's East London studio. It was a treat to have such a private viewing of his new line and to be introduced to the brand by the designer himself - not a luxury you get to enjoy everyday. His absolute devotion to quality and substance was immediately self-evident when he pulled out a folder documenting his inspiration for the collection: medical papers and x-rays of the controversial 'vanishing twin syndrome'. A slightly gruesome and graphic influence for a gorgeously feminine and ethereal collection. Each piece is crafted so as to have an element of its 'twin' or an appendage attached. Abnormalities and asymmetries in the cut reflect Lin's imaginative take on the condition: an innovative and mesmerizing source of inspiration transferred to the garments in a very wearable way. I fell absolutely in love with the to-the-floor slinky dress featuring triangular seams at the waist and the simple draped grey vest tops. I would gladly supplement my overflowing drawer of t-shirts for just a couple of those little beauties. Quality over quantity please - something Lin can certainly deliver on.

Thanks Dervin for inviting me down to the studio.
View full length images of The Vanishing Twin collection here.