My wee little camera is about to get forced into overdrive at the end of this week, so let's have a little lookie at what I'll be dragging around with me to cover the shows, street style, and general madness of London Fashion Week. Oh, and if you're the poor soul who googled about 30 variations of 'style crusader camera lens' yesterday to find out what I use, I apologize that it's taken me this long to finally release this information to you. I'm not saying this is the best equipment money can buy... but it works for me*.

Camera: Canon 550dslr - the standard camera most bloggers seem to tot around with them. It's small enough to still fit into a clutch bag (well, if the bag is the size of your head) but big enough to be taken somewhat seriously. Plus, it's pretty light. Those mega-bad-boy 7ds are about as heavy as a brick and just about as appealing to lug around.

Lenses: 1. My first: Canon 50mm 1.8 - if you switch to this from the regular bundle lens that comes with the Canon you will notice an immediate transformation in your photos. Crisper, clearer, better colours and, the thing that makes the street style photographers go 'oooohhh', a decently low F stop - aka the thing that lets you get a blurry background. Prices start as low as 80 quid - so this is excellent for newbies and people that are prone to dropping things.

2. My everyday: Canon 35mm F2.0 - it's a slight wide angle so you don't have to stand a mile back to capture someone's entire outfit. Easier for shooting street style and it has a better build quality than the 1.8. This little sucker will set you back about 200 quid though, so you have to fork out a bit more moolah, but it's still pretty darn cheap as far as lenses are concerned.

3. My big mother: Canon 75-300mm F4-5.6 - I was given this little telephoto lens and only ever use it at fashion week. It's gotten a bad rap for being shoddy in poor light conditions but I use it for catwalk shows where the light is always a bit dodge and the photos seem to come out. Also, pretty sweet for spying on people from the opposite side of Somerset House.

Alright little monkeys that's all for now. Did I mention I'm newly unemployed? Must get back to the job search (aka: Flog It, Antiques Roadshow... and all the other little gems British television has to offer). Oh, and if you've got any camera tips feel free to divulge them in the comments sections. A good tip is always much appreciated.

* Okay, whether it works for me or not is really up to your own individual opinion.. but it's what I use.