easing my way into spring....

all i want to wear are little dresses and bare legs. bare legs... england, will you please deliver warm enough weather for me to reveal my whiter-than-white pins to the weak british sunlight in hopes of getting some colour? why does the weather man tell me that it is going to be hovering barely above zero this week?! this unworthy 'spring' weather is making my outfit selection a rather gruesome process. for example, friday morning, i barely fell short of a mini-breakdown over my lacking wardrobe and inability to make it out the house on time (you know the routine: nothing to wear so running late & running late so it's even more difficult to find something to wear... result to lying in bed in a strop and refusing to get dressed which only aggravates the unstable mood more - i know! get it together jennifer, you are only getting dressed, you've done this almost 8,760 times in your life you really should be able to put an outfit together by now - yes, that means i am almost to the end of my 24th year). anyway when i eventually made it out of my flat friday morning, after the calm help of my desperately patient husband, and headed into london this is what i was wearing. an attempted nod to spring with the pop of colour on my feet - but as you can see my mood was unable to deal with anything too chirpy - it was a bit of a sour start to the day (hence the slightly puffy eyes and less than glowing complexion, apologies my loves, deciding to put a photo up on a day when i decide to burst into tears first thing probably isn't the most flattering of choices). i had to put these photos up though because they were taken by shini (pictured in the post below) and it's not everyday i get such beautifully taken photographs of myself to share. so, enjoy... this was my feeble attempt of easing my way into spring.
Mulberry Scarf
Madewell Jacket
Zara T-shirt