Let's be totally honest about something.

The Acne pistol boots are perfection. Sure, they aren't anything revolutionary but they are a total dream and exactly what I'm missing from my wardrobe: simple boots with a small heel. They would go with everything and I would wear them all the time. Unfortunately, I'm not willing (or able) to spend almost £400 on a pair of boots... so, there has been a pistol shaped hole in my heart for the last few years.

That is until I spotted the Ambush boots at Topshop today. They called my name from the midst of the madness at Topshop on Oxford Circus (a shop so big and stuffed so full of stock that it has become a landmark in its own right in London - normally, I avoid it at all costs). Although they might not be the pistols I had dreamed of for so long, at just £75 you won't hear me complaining.