dear mom, i need some new shoes...

i feel like i have just been let in on the most fabulous secret. a shoe secret that is. a shoe secret so great i feel it has the power to totally transform my shoe life. have you heard of kate kanzier? honestly, it's my new shoe fairy... delivering ridiculously beautiful shoes that are affordable. i thought i must have made some mistake when i looked at the website. surely, surely, they meant to put a 1 in front of that 30?! her shoes are totally gorgeous, practical, come in a plethora of colours, and are oh-so-stylish... and from what i can tell could easily be mistaken for a pair of churches (which come in at 350GBP instead of 30). so basically it's a match made in shoe heaven. i feel like these are the kind of shoes my mom would want me to have, don't you mom? don't they just remind you of the shoes you wore back in the day? it is so hard to pick favourites... these are seriously like brightly coloured sweets in a candy shop.
are these babies london's best kept secret? did everyone out there already know about these, have you all been keeping me in the dark? they've been featured in all sorts of magazines so i really don't know how they managed to slip past me. so i haven't actually tried on a pair yet or seen them in person. but if they are half as good in real life as they look in the photos i think i will be in for some serious trouble. am going to pop over to the shop in london after my class (it just happens to be a 10min walk away) on friday so i will let you know how they are! oh, and if menswear inspired shoes aren't really your thing they've got a big collection of ballet flats (starting at, brace yourselves, 20 pounds), heels, and handbags.
p.s. incase you have forgotten mom, i wear a size 38.