January Blues

Seriously, what is it with January? I'm finding it to be the most difficult month to get through. It starts with a theatrical bang (champagne corks flying, fireworks exploding) but simmers stagnantly when resolutions prove more difficult to achieve than write and grand plans trickle out. There's still two weeks left though, maybe it will pick itself up.

My wardrobe dreams have drifted to spring, pastel shades and bright acidic hues. The reality though is that my closet is filled with mostly blacks and greys. So I've brought in the big guns - the all powerful mood shifters: rainbow nails. Multi-coloured pastel nails seem the easiest way to nod to spring while staying frugal and bundled up. I also decided to pile on a selection of ridiculous things: two jackets, a leopard print clutch, studded heels and a headache inducing hat. But hey, it's Sunday... so why not.

Wearing: WalMart hat, vintage earrings, Patouf jumper, LiLiFi clutch, Moda in Pelle shoes, Gap denim jacket, Quiksilver parka and trousers.