cinco de mayo...

Okay, so it might not actually be cinco de Mayo but it sure felt like it when I walked into La Catarina last night and discovered its Mexican themed skull interior. Possibly not the classiest place but definitely one of the coolest and most random I've been in Zurich. Please note: if you come visit me, I will take you there and force feed you white Russians.

It might be the fact that I'm writing this new dress blog for Yahoo* but I'm a little fixated on dresses lately. Normally I stick to wildly adventurous things like jeans... but I just kinda love the simplicity of a cute little dress. Hah, yesterday when we were taking these photos I was told by my photographer/husband/maker-of-the-diy-Proenza-Shouler-bracelet (shameless plug?) that he 'wasn't really feeling the outfit... I mean, I get what you're trying to do though - the whole sweet dress tough boots thing. But, I'm just not sure.' Rolls eyes. It might be unimaginative but it's what you're getting.

Wearing: TBA Mira Dress (HPR London), Madewell jacket, Monki boots, Models Own Top Turquoise nail polish, and American Apparel large leather pouch - which, I've just discovered has been restocked in loads of colours... oh man, I need so many of them. I'm obsessed. Never mind, as always - already sold out.

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*Don't judge me for any overtly cheesy lines, okay? And, if you've got anything dress related that you think I ought to feature on the site just give me a holler.