christian blanken fall 2010... elevated artwork.

to be honest, i don't know much about christian blanken but when i walked into his exhibit at LFW i felt like i had wandered into some sort of alternate universe... like alice who had fallen through the rabbit hole. the models were sort of like works of art. exalted on platforms, avoiding eye contact, and shifting positions ever so often. they had extremely bright lights shining down on them and must have been quite warm - especially the girl wearing the sheepskin, which looks gorgeous by the way.

i was greeted with a stare from this moody looking model, peering out through a hazy piece of glass (or plastic sheeting possibly). she was stuck within a little cube that sat in the middle of the room and glared out at everyone standing in the entrance (my, what a big hair doughnut she must have on, i only just noticed that).
definitely prefer the outfit & shoes on the left. the textures and shine on the fabrics are quite unique. those shoes on the right don't look too comfortable... her foot looks way too arched for them. ouch.

to be honest, i was more struck by the uniqueness of the display then the clothes that were being shown. i do like the shiny texture and the sheepskin on the model above, but the other items that were hanging on a rail all looked quite minimalist and weren't anything that i can remember very well. maybe that's because i was distracted by these solemn models that were standing like statues in the middle of the room though. not sure if that is a testament to how great the collection was... it remains in my mind more like elevated artwork than a fashionable clothing collection.