choices, choices...

like kids in a candy shop we oooh'ed and ahhh'ed for ages, walking around, poking at all the different ones... trying to decide, trying to narrow down our options. it was so difficult. but in the end we were triumphant... both of us found two pairs we wanted to take home. sadly one pair that i was after happens to be sold out in my size so i will just have to wait until they get more in... you know when you are told you can't have something and all of a sudden like a wave a furry you must have it.... and suddenly your life just isn't complete anymore? okay okay, i may be acting a bit dramatic, and alas, it's not as if i left empty handed. quite the contrary.

lovely a4 size carrier bag that not only fit my shoes but also my new april elle. also, since it isn't paper it didn't disintegrate when i was cycling on my bike in the pouring rain. i was totally worried that my shoes would be soaked but there wasn't a drop on them.
tah-dah! my lovely 'green luella brogues'. these were my favourites straight away on the website but then i wasn't sure if green suede-y shoes are really my thing... i mean, do i really want green brogues? it turns out i really and truly do. can't wait to wear them because not only are they totally adorable they are so insanely comfortable. they are so soft and squidgy inside - seriously they are divine and more perfect than i had anticipated.
p.s. photos of the very cool interior/exterior coming soon.