channeling Changeling

Changeling came out in 2008 but I have only just watched it tonight. The filming is beautiful, the acting superb and the story is seriously moving. Angelina Jolie is a great actress in the film and her outfits are gorgeous. It made me want to crawl back to 1928 and adorn myself in pretty little hats, dark red lips, fur coats, lace dressing gowns, and florals. A lot of those things wouldn't be too out of place in February 2010.
Maybe I can work it into my wardrobe somehow.

Hats are worn by everyone in almost every scene... wish it was more common today.

Soft waves, long ribbed cardigans, pink stained lips and ditzy florals.

Fur, brooches, leather clutches, and mary janes.

Beautiful green lace dressing gown.
The story is dramatic and moving and so are the outfits. Highly recommended - both for the story and the fashion.
Plus, Angelina Jolie looks gorgeous and has very pale skin - which is making me feel a little better about mine while I am stuck inside secretly wishing for warmth and sunshine.