breton striped twinlets

have you ever shown up at a party to discover that another girl is wearing your exact same dress? it's meant to be like the worst thing that could ever happen in girl world, right? well, luckily i've never lived through such embarrassment (but trust me, i've had my fair share of humiliations) but today when i met up with lucy we were wearing pretty stinking similar outfits. the exact same zara striped top, biker jackets, skinny jeans - all topped off with a good dose of wispy hair and makeup free faces (hence the big sunnies). i guess this is the way to wear breton stripes this spring... well, it is in our little world at least.
matchy-matchy. lucy wears: topshop leather jacket, zara breton striped t-shirt, gap denim, raybans, and some espadrilles that were picked up on holiday. i'm wearing: madewell jersey jacket (i swear this is the only jacket i ever wear, are you getting totally sick of it? well, today a bird did a massive poop right down the left arm of it! seriously distressing), urban outfitters denim pull on jeans, rainbow leather flip flops and banana republic floral tote.
lucy is one of the coolest girls i know. she is smart, absolutely hilarious, and so driven. i love her sense of style (err, probably obvious from the above photos). at the beginning of each season we end up having very deep conversations about what we want to be wearing this season and what we are thinking of buying... it's all very official, you know. a girls wardrobe is serious business. anyway, i love lucy because she encompasses so many great qualities and is so fun to be around. she ticks the intellectual boxes as well as the stylish and fun ones - hence the recent creation of her blog: cest gleek. your probably thinking, what the heck does that mean? well, it encompasses lucy's dual nature of being utterly GLam but a total gEEK at heart. hence the word - gleek. check her out, she's a blog newbie and needs some serious love.