bottles in the ice...

Hanging out in some back alleys behind the Breakfast Club in Soho wearing a combination of favourite items. I got this jumper back in the summer and I only wore it for the first time last week. Heather green and a waffled knit - it is the ultimate in cozy. It helps that I bought it in an extra large... ohhh, I love it. England has finally thawed out enough that it's possible to wear somewhat normal clothes, as opposed to three jumpers and multiple socks worn under massive puffy jackets.

Someone recently commented that they have never seen me in loose fitting trousers. I tend to stick to a generic oversized top and tight bottom combo. I think it developed when I was about seven... only then it was pink leggings and big white tied dyed t-shirts (with an obligatory knot in the side, yeaaah baby, brings back the 90s). Anyway, this uniform is partly due to my mode of transport: the bicycle. Wide legs really don't bode well when you ride a bike... unless you want to wind up with your face in the pavement. I'm not sure how I'm going to swing this whole 70s revival. I may have to fashion some sort of trouser decompressor for when I'm in transit. Enough rambling. Hope everyone had a lovely weekend.

Wearing: J.Crew peacoat, Banana Republic jumper, Made in the Shade leggings, H&M boots, Alexander McQueen bag, Fashionology necklace and Jigsaw scarf. Big thank you to Kit and Jill for the photos.