A while back Bertie hosted a little evening at their shop in Covent Garden to usher in the new collection... cupcakes, sandwiches, popcorn, drinks and shoes covered just about every available surface and the entire floor. I don't normally shop at Bertie but I've got to say they had a pretty good selection of shoes available with loads of chunky wedges, tasseled loafers, and shiny toned-down creepers.

Since this post has been sitting in my drafts file for ages, it just so happens that most of the gorgeous styles I got to see that night are now 50% off in the sale. Not too bad, eh? A little retail temptation is always good to dabble in mid-week, I do believe.

While the event was a total success and I was so glad to be introduced to the brands collection, I've got to admit that my favourite part of the night was playing the sax in the funbooth with Kit, Jackie, and Daniella. Ah, it's always the simplest things that win me over.