Laird & Co. Hatters

One of my favourite things about London is its sheer unpredictability. Head over to Bank tube station, walk out the third exit, and you'll find yourself standing in front of the magnanimous Royal Exchange. Utterly grand in stature and filled with luxurious shops from Gucci, to Pretty Ballerina and De Beers, to Jo Malone - this place is a Mecca for London's fast paced city folk.

Tucked just down the right side of the building sits a magical little hat shop. The sort of place you'd imagine if you had to dream up the most idyllic English shop: towering piles of beautifully crafted hats, whisky sitting on the counter, and the most personal touch that will get you indefinitely hooked.

Laird & Co. Hatters are a small company specializing in a selection of hand made hats that suit a wide range of lifestyles and occasions. Homburgs, pork pies, trilbys, and top hats are just a few of the items on offer - all in a wealth of colours and variations. Kiera Knightly is already a fan and, seeing as the prices actually aren't too expensive, I thought it was worth introducing you to the brand. It's definitely my new favourite London discovery and is well-worth a visit.

More photos available here.

Big thanks to Felicity from Golden Goose PR for introducing me to the brand.