a random start...

So technically it's not exactly the start of the week anymore, it being Tuesday and all, but never mind that. As I'm sure you know, there are lots of random bits and bobs that can be found online. Most probably don't deserve of an entire blog post but, instead of just forgetting about them, I've decided to put together a little collection of randomness to start off the week. If you happen to come across anything you think is weird and wonderful send it over to me and I'll add some of your additions into my weeks top picks (with credit going to you of course). So, here we go:

1. Closets: my closet seriously sucks. It's so old and consequently, while it might look rather beautiful, it isn't deep enough to actually fit a hanger. Useless, no? So, as a result, everything is folded and I don't have enough drawer space to fit it all - hence total chaos. Which brings me to the quasi-closet pictured above. This is how I want to store my belongings in the next place I move into. Open, visible, streamlined, and essential. What do you think? Could you cut down your wardrobe that small?

2. Boy envy: after seeing Thom Browne's Spring 2011 Menswear collection I suddenly want to abandon all things girly in favour of a bizarre preppy vibe. Less Ralph Lauren more Alice in Wonderland-schizaphrenic. I might not be able to handle it all in one go but I could certainly mix-and-match (those shorts would be so cool rolled up a couple times). I've mentioned it before, but it still remains true, I'm craving a pair of black and white saddle shoes. Plus, gold lips might not be my normal de facto choice of lip colour but I'm willing to give anything a try once.

3. Loafer love: I've been all about the Kate Kanzier Molly loafers since I first spotted them back in February. Sadly they tend to sell out within about a millisecond of coming into stock. I've just checked though and they are currently available in every size. I'm getting my butt over to Leather Lane later this week before they sell out again.

4. My life: I have set a strict dissertation deadline for myself that must be followed regimentally if I am to get my work handed in on time (don't worry Dad, I will get it in on time). Instead of spending time in the library this past week though I did some other things. For a start, I became a British citizen. That's right suckers - I'm one of you now. I wore my favourite black Valentino dress and vintage Ferragamos that I picked up for $30 at a Santa Monica thrift store. Afterwards I was swept off to London to have a picnic in Hyde Park (champagne and pimms to boot) and watch the BBC Proms in the Royal Albert Hall - posh and British indeed. Then I spent the weekend in Somerset celebrating a friends birthday and hanging out near the seaside. To top it all off I learnt all sorts of cooking tricks from Tamasin Day Lewis - including how to skin a fish (which is what we are doing in the photo above).

Okay you lot, that's my random start to the week... send me any of your off-beat finds so that I can include them in next weeks post.

p.s. The winner of the Lira Leirner giveaway was Little Miss Fashion. Thanks to everyone that took part! Also, don't forget I'm also giving away a little black dress by Rare and you've still got until midnight tomorrow (the 28th) to enter!