a great earth day...

first, i just want to say thanks so much for all the lovely birthday wishes you have sent my direction. i have had one of the best birthdays. i got woken up at 7am with my favourite ice cream (cookies n' cream) in bed with strawberries and presents. seriously, is there any better way to wake up? and the day just kept getting better from there... we had a gorgeous lunch, followed by more presents in the park, then drinks and dinner with friends. the weather was gorgeous, the sun was shining, and i busted out my sandals for the first time this year. oh, and to top it all off i received a canon dslr in the post from our uncle who lives in new york... he just decided to give it to us, because he doesn't really use it anymore. so, there was a birthday miracle today - because after all my wishing and hoping that it would arrive before my birthday it turns out it made it - just in time. so we had a great time playing with it this afternoon.
also i got wear some of my new topshop goodies - which is always exciting. more of it will come your way over the next couple days. wearing: strappy jersey maxi dress, leopard twist headband, topshop sunglasses, madewell jacket, topshop gold sandals from a few years ago, urban outfitters destination london charm necklace, topshop love ring. oh my gosh, seriously although this may look like a topshop sponsored birthday it actually totally is not. i didn't actually even realize how decked out i was in the brand until just now.

p.s. if you haven't entered my birthday present (to you) giveaway you've got until sunday to enter. just click here to do it and you could win some brooklyn thread jewelry.